Thai Tom Yum Hot Sour Soup



Put stock pot on medium heat and keep adding as you go along:

          3 Quarts Chicken broth (that's two of those big 49.5 oz Swanson chicken broth cans)

          1 lb fresh sliced mushrooms

          2 Stalks of lemon grass, slightly crushed with a pestle or back of a knife or something

          Lime or lemon leaves (use lime zest if you can't get these, but the flavor isn't quite the same)

          Galanga roughly equivalent to a 4" long x 1" thick piece. This can be hard to find. Dried galanga can sometimes be more readily available. I would substitute fresh ginger instead of powdered galanga, though

          1 good-sized bunch of coriander (cilantro), roughly chopped.

          1 cup Lime juice

          2 or 3 tablespoons of sliced bamboo shoots, coconut shoots, palm hearts, those little baby corn things or something like that. You can put a lot more in, if you want.

          3 tbs of fish sauce. (Flying lion brand is good, if you can find it.)

          1 tbs nam prik pao - Thai chilis in oil (or something hot with shrimp paste in it and hopefully some tamarind for tartness)

          1 tsp Thai roasted chili sauce or that Vietnamese chili garlic sauce with a rooster on it or sambal olec or something like that with a good kick

          1.5 lb Chicken, cut in bite-sized chunks

          1.5 lb shelled Shrimp


Crush in a morter then add to soup:

          2-8 Thai prik ki nu (birdseye) chilis, finely chopped (serano or something with a good bite works ok, too)

          1-5 dried red chilis, ground up with your fingers (you can toast them a bit first, if they aren't dry enough to cruble well)


Don't be rubbing your eyes with your hands after handling this stuff!